Order Bubba Rolls for Easter

Some of you may have forgotten to order Bubba Rolls for Easter, or may just be holding out till the last possible moment. Well, you’re down to the nitty gritty, so go ahead and order before it’s too late!

As always, we hope our baking helps make your holiday a little more special.

Happy Easter!

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Order Christmas Rolls

For those who have either forgotten, procrastinated or just not gotten around to it: this is the last reminder to submit your orders for Christmas!

We are very close to selling out of a few flavors.

Destinations in Orange and Green zones should have ordered already if using our Standard Shipping. You can still take your chances with Standard Shipping for orders going out Monday, but we recommend you select an expedited shipping option like Priority Express or FedEx 2-day.

Destinations in Pink and Blue zones should be ok shipping out on Monday with Standard Shipping – but you shouldn’t wait to order!

As usual, expedited shipping options are also available for additional cost as shown before checkout.

Wishing each of you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

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Christmas Memories

Despite the fact that Christmas is on December 25th every year, it is amazing how it seems so far off until – all of the sudden – it’s less than 2 weeks away! This phenomena is especially peculiar since we are assaulted with seasonal reminders earlier each year and somehow move right past them, barely noticing. It seems that the over-stimulation is desensitizing us to Christmas and that its meaning and importance are diminished. …Or is it?

Instead, consider that we’re actually sharpening our focus on what is truly important to us about Christmas and simply filtering out the rest – some of us more intentionally than others. Yet sometimes it’s simple things that are loaded with meaning, memories, and value. One of those things for our family is Bubba Rolls. The multi-sensory experience forges a uniquely strong connection to people and memories. One small bite of a Bubba Roll can bring a flood of memories! Those people and memories – relationships – are what help give meaning to life. Sure, there is a deeper meaning to Christmas, but even that involves a relationship. For us, Bubba Rolls have always been a link to a relationship and a simple thing that helps Christmas be special. We hope that Bubba Rolls help connect you to people, memories and maybe even the meaning of Christmas!

Please take notice in timing your order and shipping. With Christmas Day on a Friday, that leaves only 3 days for items shipped out Monday, Dec. 21. Using Standard Shipping, destinations in our Pink and Blue zones should be fine shipping on Dec. 21, but Orange and Green zones get increasingly risky. Given the risk of delays during the busiest shipping season, please consider ordering this week and refrigerating/freezing. Yellow zone needs shipped by Dec. 14. Of course, expedited shipping options are also available for additional cost as shown before checkout.

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Giving Thanks

BR-poppys-01-2This coming week, as we gather with family and consider our many blessings, the scents, flavors and textures of Bubba Rolls never fail to create links to memories of lost loved ones and times gone-by. That was a significant part of the reason John Sr. started this company over 30 years ago and why we still exist today! We continue to hear from many of you how Bubba Rolls evoke similar connections to fond memories and we love hearing those stories!

We have had a challenging year and it seems many others have also, but we have much to be thankful for! John Sr. was in the hospital for a week again this fall, but he is back home and back to work. The doctors have limited his physical exertion, but he seems to be doing well overall. We are grateful for the doctors and the medications. We thank the Lord for each day he grants us!

It seems that many of you are noticing and getting ‘sticker shock’ at our changed prices. We urge you to look just a little closer! While the price of the product is higher, we have significantly decreased shipping prices – our biggest complaint. Our closest customers can now get FREE shipping and our furthest customers can pay a low, flat-rate of only $7.95! Plus, we have begun a ‘rewards’ program because we feel it is important to thank our loyal customers. We have run the numbers many, many times and we are confident that if you compare your previous orders to a similar one with the new pricing, the total price has barely changed at all – and you are earning points toward free future product.

We think that the new, lower shipping prices helps new customers and the rewards program thanks our loyal customers. We are grateful for each of you that supports us!

As always, we hope that Bubba Rolls helps your family both remember and create new memories worth cherishing.

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How many things are left on your Easter checklist?

Every season some people wait until the last minute to order Bubba Rolls. We completely understand reasons from sheer busy-ness to plain old forgetfulness. That is why we send these little reminder messages.

But we see no good reason for ‘order Bubba Rolls‘ to clutter your checklist any longer than necessary. That is why we also added the ‘Delayed Shipping’ field to the checkout process. We wanted to make it easier for you to submit your order when you think of it and have the time rather than waiting until you feel it is the right time. This way you can get it handled, get it off your mind, and move on to other things. You can use this field to enter a future ship date so that we don’t ship your order the next business day as usual. To avoid confusion, please consider the distinction between ‘ship’ and ‘deliver.’

If it wasn’t already obvious, there are only a few days left to order Bubba Rolls in time for Easter (see our ordering deadlines). We hope this reminder is timely for those that need it now and the next time you think about ordering Bubba Rolls we hope the Delayed Shipping option will help you.

Wishing you a blessed and happy Easter!

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Easter Ordering

The sun has risen enough times that another season and holiday are upon us. That means the dough is also rising around here as we bake fresh Bubba Rolls. Apart from all the hard work, it is a delightful time to be around the bakery with the first fresh scents of spring and the wonderfully sweet aroma from the ovens lingering in the air. If we could bottle up the scents for you, we would.

Even better though, you can enjoy the aromas and tastes for yourself by heating up a Bubba Roll at home. We recommend you accompany your treat with a cup of tea or coffee, a sunny window, and a friend or loved one – or a house full of them! If there’s one thing we know for certain about Bubba Rolls it’s that they are best when shared.

Frankly, any excuse you can find to spend time with people you care about is worthwhile. Despite knowing this, with John Sr. now undergoing cancer treatments (and still baking!) we feel the importance of that as much as ever. We continue to hope and pray that our products help you to create memories worth cherishing and to remember ones you’ve already made.

So place your orders before you forget or at least check the Ordering Deadlines to make sure you don’t miss out.

Speaking of things rising: He is Risen! Happy Easter!

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Last Weekend for Standard Shipping

Many of you have already ordered and we thank you. Our best guess is the rest of you have been so busy that you forgot. This is your cue. There are just a few days remaining to order with standard shipping options instead of extra-expensive expedited shipping. Orders being shipped within a few hours drive from us have a little extra time, but why put it off? (You can enter a delayed ship date during checkout if you prefer). Remember to check our Ordering Deadlines for your area.

Our other gentle reminder is that we hope you are finding a way to savor the season and taking some time to slow down and cherish what matters. Despite the importance, we know it’s tough. We like to think that sharing a couple slices of Bubba Roll and a hot cup of something with someone special can help in that regard.

Wishing you a Blessed and Merry Christmas!

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Only 2 shipping weeks until Christmas!

The commercialization of Christmas forces the season to start earlier each year – the dreaded Christmas creep. We tend to become rather numb to it all, tuning out a lot of it. Then, before you know it, Christmas is just around the corner! Rather than add to the deafening din and barrage you with messages, we’re sending this one to remind you that there are only 2 weeks of shipping left… You should order very soon. (Don’t forget to review the ordering deadlines for your area to avoid expensive expedited shipping.)

We’ve heard from some of you about the absence of a Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday sale this year. Our philosophy on sales has been that we don’t like inflating our prices to gain the ability to create fake discounts. The discounts we offer have a legitimate basis. This works against us in many ways and there is significant pressure to succumb to discount marketing, but it’s not how we prefer to operate.
Here are a few other things worth noting:
  • Quantity discounts are always available – the more you get in each shipment, the higher the percentage discount.
  • A special Gift-Giver Bundle is always available at a significant discount.
  • This season there is a limited supply. You may have caught mention that our founder and key employee, John Sr., was in the hospital for 3 weeks this fall. Although his symptoms are mostly alleviated and he’s back to work (thanks for all the prayers), his underlying illness remains largely unimproved (your continued prayers are appreciated). This set us back on our production schedule and we simply won’t be able to make as many Bubba Rolls this season.
  • Our costs – ingredients (especially walnuts), materials, labor, insurance, taxes, etc. – all continue to rise. Rather than increase prices, we opted not to have a sale.
We hope you can escape the numbness brought about by Christmas creep and find a way to cherish what matters this holiday season. Maybe taking the time for a cup of coffee/tea and a slice (or two!) of
Bubba Roll with someone special can help you – or someone you know – do just that.

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

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30 Years = 30% Off!

Join us in celebrating 30 years of Bubba’s HomeBaked rolls. We’re thrilled to have filled a niche for our family, friends, and customers for this long!

We hope that our products continue to help you celebrate holidays and occasions, to remember special people and times gone by and to create new memories worth cherishing into the future.

To thank you for your support and patronage, we’re having a 30 Sale: 30 years = 30% Off until July 30.

Stock up and enjoy!

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Our Christmas in July Sale is on!

Xmas_In_JulyIt’s a long wait from Easter to Christmas, so we figure that you might be craving some walnut, poppy, or other Bubba Roll. Your family and guests will also appreciate them since they are great finger food at parties and picnics. It is a bit slower for us in the summer anyhow, so that makes Christmas in July a win-win-win!

Get 10% OFF orders under $50* OR
Get 25% OFF orders over $50*

For our newer fans, this is generally our only sale of the year. We choose not to inflate our regular prices to play the artificial discount-sale marketing game. We prefer to keep things straight-forward and natural, like our recipes.

Now for those pesky details and restrictions:

christmas-in-july*Orders must be placed from July 1-30 and be shipped no later than July 31. No Exceptions. If you order before July 1 or after July 30 the rolls will be regular price. If you request a delayed shipment after July 31, the discount will be removed post-sale.

Merry Christmas in July! Enjoy your summer.

PS.  We will be closed July 4 and August 3-11.



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